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Live broadcast of football match

Recent football broadcasting

2022-06-30 09:00Live broadcast of football match
Summary: What football matches will be broadcast on CCTV5 this weekendYou don't have to watch CCTV. Let me recommend a few games for you. Saturday 22:30 Stuttgart - Berlin Hertha Fengyun football 22:30 Leve
What football matches will be broadcast on CCTV5 this weekend
You don't have to watch CCTV. Let me recommend a few games for you. Saturday 22:30 Stuttgart - Berlin Hertha Fengyun football 22:30 Leverkusen - Hamburg CCTV 5 sets 23:00 Derby County - Spurs TV sports Southeast Asia Sunday 03:30 Rome - Reggina CCTV 5 sets 05:00 SevilleCould you tell me the broadcast time of the recent fooRecent football broadcastingtball game? Professional and national are OK
21:00 Football Focus (replay) ESPN 22:30 2006/07 Champions League: Manchester United vs Copenhagen (replay) ESPN October 19 (Thursday) 00:20 green community: Champions League magazine (replay) Guangdong sports 01:30 Serie A League: Siena vs Messina TiansheRecent football broadcastingng European football channel 02:30 2006/07 Champions LeagueWhat football matches will be broadcast live or broadcast on CCTV 5 in the near Recent football broadcastingfuture
Wednesday, August 11 20:30 Chinese men's football warm-up match Bahrain Thursday, August 12 03:00? Friendly football match Norway France 18:35 football night Friday, August 13 16:00 International Youth Football Invitational finalRecent football broadcasting Wednesday, August 18 00:30 Champions League qualifierWhich of the five major football leagues will be broadcast by CCTV in 2021
At present, it is believed that Serie A is live broadcast, and whether the Premier League can be live broadcast is still under discussion. The Bundesliga and La Liga are out of luck
Which football matches are broadcast on CCTV-5 this weekend
At 01:55 on Saturday, April 14, the green community: selected Italian league matches (replay) Guangdong sports 02:30 German league matches: menchengladbach vs Hamburg (live broadcast) Guangdong sportsUrgent need! TV broadcasting schedule of this week's football match ~ and football match broadcasting schedule during the Spring Festival~_ Baidu
(Friday) 01:00 football is crazy (replay) satellite TV sports 02:30 football is crazy (replay) ESPN 02:30 Bundesliga: Stuttgart vs Werder Bremen Tiansheng European football channel 03:55 2006/07 UEFA Cup: Livorno vs Spaniard (replay) Guangdong sports 04:25 football night (
Urgent need! TV broadcasting schedule of this week's football match~
Football channel 17:30: the green community: China Super League (Premiere) Guangdong sports 19:30 National Women's table tennis team second team promotion and promotion match (live broadcast) CCTV-5 20:00 2006/07 FA Cup: Middlesbrough vs Manchester United (replay) satellite TV sports 20:00 Football Focus (direct broadcast) ESPN 20:25 Serie A League:Find the latest CTV 5 football broadcast table
18: 00 sports news 18:35 football Night online viewing 19:30 live broadcast: Golden Arena - 2011/2012 season China Women's Basketball League 1/4 final (Liaoning team - Guangdong team) online viewing 21:30 sports world 22:20 live video: 11/12 Italian Football League Round 18 (AC Milan - inter)
Recent schedule and broadcasting time of Chinese football team
12: 00 Asian Football magazine (Premiere) ESPN 13:05 2007 world badminton super series: China Masters final (live broadcast) CCTV-5 14:00 2007 Eurasian snooker masters challenge (live broadcast) Shangshi five star sports 18:20 2007 Asian Cup group match: China vs Iran (live broadcast) CCTV GuangdongWhat are the football matches on CCTV 5 tonight
22:00 Palermo vs Udinese Hong Kong Cable football 22:00 Naples vs Rome European football January 26 FA Cup 00:00 Liverpool vs Everton ESPN (Asia, Taiwan), satellite TV sports (Asia), Guangdong sports, Shanghai sports, Hong Kong now broadband 670 La Liga 00:00 Malaga vs Atletico Madrid CCTV-
Recent football broadcasting

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